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Helping you improve the health of your culture and increase your value through manacoaches in the right structure.

The Miracle Manager is a boutique business advisory firm focused on providing clear and defined management skills, manager training and business leadership advice to growth-oriented businesses West of the Mississippi. We help companies understand the difference between ‘leaders’ and ‘managers’. We believe that great managers (manacoaches) get things done efficiently and effectively through other people. This gives your key team members appropriate management skills with proven techniques, empowers them to run the business better—and ensure everyone is paddling in the same direction. Sounds surreal?  We agree, but it is our clients who will convince you that it happens every day. We’d love to explore what could be a great relationship.

From our valued clients

For over two decades, we’ve consistently proven our abilities in strategic management and small business leadership. We have the clients to prove it and stand behind what can deliver.

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Our Guarantee
It's that simple.

Value is guaranteed. No retainers, no contracts, and no upfront fees. If we say we can deliver value to you and your organization and in your eyes we don’t deliver, then you don’t pay.

Why Choose The Miracle Manager
What sets us apart?

We are selective about who we work with. Why? Because once you partner with The Miracle Manager, you’ll have our full attention. And, we don’t stop until we get to the root of your problem—and have the tools to fix it.

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