Progressive organizations understand that managing the selection and performance of their team members has a direct correlation to their bottom line—and the long-term health of the organization.

The Miracle Manager talent management system is a unique approach to creating high-performance outcome-based teams. 

The Miracle Manager 5-Step Talent Management System consists of the following:

  1. Understanding your company and culture: We work closely with your management in understanding the core values of the company to determine benchmarks for motivators and behaviours to successfully function in your organizational environment. 
  2. Aligning Purpose with Position: Utilizing a job benchmarking tool, we identify the behaviours, motivators, and acumen requirements of the job, providing a complete system to compare talent to the position and create the best job fit. If a job could speak, what would it say it needs? Imagine what happens when the “people” individuals are in people jobs, and the “paper” are in paper jobs. Do you have a “paper” person in a sales job? Spending valuable resources on training that person in sales is like sending a duck to eagle school or vice versa.
  3. Matching Talent with Opportunity: Utilizing proven behavior assessments, multi-dimensional talent management tools, to provide insights on candidates and/or current talent on suitability to a particular role and ability to perform. Our team is certified to administer these nationally registered talent analysis tools that reveal a person’s specific traits in areas that describe ‘how’, ‘why’ and ‘what’ behind the individual(s). This is accomplished through an unbiased assessment of the behaviors people bring to the job, the values that motivate people to do a job, and their potential to provide the skills required by the job.
  4. Setting Talent Up For Success: We utilize the information obtained above to advise you in creating a development plan based on the requirements of the role for the successful candidate(s) and/or current team members. The Miracle Manager Talent Management System considers setting a person up for success just as important as the person’s “fit” for the role.
  5. Maximizing Performance: Through The Miracle Manager Team Building Workshops, we provide insights into your executives’, managers’ and / or teams’ key behaviors, driving forces and communication styles.  In this unique workshop, we utilize talent analysis tools that reveal a person’s specific traits in areas that describe the ‘how’, ‘why’ and ‘what’ behind every individual in your organization. But that’s not all, we facilitate unique activities for your team that will drill down even further into how to understand, and effectively communicate with, your teammates, senior executives, clients, and business partners.

How can behavior assessments benefit your organization’s development?

  • Improve your employee team effectiveness and communication
  • Hire, develop and retain key team members
  • Understand what motivates your employees
  • Ensure developmental growth of key employees
  • Train executives to understand their management style and communicate more effectively

At The Miracle Manager, we know that the manacoach scores high on understanding people and being open and eager to learn new things. Our proven The Miracle Manager Talent Management System ‘reliably’ assesses these traits in potential manacoaches and other employees. 

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Improve Organizational Health Using Business and Talent Assessments

Organizational Health Assessments: A 360 Degree Look at Your Business

We have exclusive access to a proven online assessment tool providing an in depth, 360-degree perspective of your business in minutes. They are simple and easy to understand. Think of it like an online MRI for your business. At the end, you’ll have insights into where you need to focus your attention—opportunities, gaps or oversights in your daily operations.

Our tools are designed to address ten key areas of performance that affect practically every business. The results will equip you with the critical information required to boost the performance of your company.

This assessment is not just for the business owner. Partners and key employees can also participate in these assessments. The cumulative results will allow you to evaluate your expectations against those of your partners’ or key employees’.


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