Recommended Books for Manacoaches

The first five books listed below are a must read for any manacoach with “First Break All The Rules”. One of things we know for sure after much research is that one of the primary traits of a manacoach is a yearning for learning. Manacoaches are resourceful. Below are a set of recommended books to read, and videos to watch that will only take you to new heights as a manacoach. If you are a manacoach and you end up being disappointed with our recommendations, we will refund the money you paid even if you didn’t buy it from us. Enjoy.
Manacoach and understanding talent. Marcus is one of the rare management gurus who understands the difference between management and leadership. As the Bible is a reading for Christians, these books are the bible for the manacoach.
Lecioni, Collins, and Wiseman might use the words ‘leader’, ‘manager’, and ‘executive’ interchangeably, but they writings are profound. Don’t confuse “simple” with “easy”. This is an easy read (like while you are having a coffee), but you if you ‘get it’, you will be implementing the principles into your manacoach practices for the rest of your life, and you will never look back. It’s a shame that most managers don’t understand temptation #2, but the good news is that manacoaches do.
Gino Wickman, author of “Traction®” and Mike Patton co-author of “Get a Grip”, are both the leading implementers at EOS® Worldwide. There are only two types of business owners: those who implement EOS® into there organizations with a certified implementer, and those who wish they had. As a business owner, read these books and you will know where to go to get freedom and enjoyment in running your business…not to mention you’ll have a more valuable business.
EOS® Worldwide has six components to their system. Gerber has written the masterpiece on the “process” component. The proper systems followed by all will do wonders. Want to understand ‘trust’ and challenge your team to ‘really’ build it.
Lencioni has done it again with “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team” and “The Four Obsessions of an Extraordinary Executive”. The reason ‘leaders’ rarely make good manacoaches is because rarely do they know what they are doing that makes them so good.
Are leaders born or made? “Blink” will not answer this question and neither will we, but you will further understand why taking your top sales person and making him a sales managers usually does anything but create chaos.


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