Sustain Growth through the Support of Peer Advisory Boards and Strategic Business Coaching

Continue your growth and learning with the support and business advice from leaders going through similar challenges. Peer advisory boards are the epitome of education and idea exchange. Each month, you and your board members in the Vancouver area meet to share business advice, solve business challenges, help one another seize new opportunities and create actionable strategic plans.

Monthly Peer Advisory Board Meetings

We bring together business leaders from diverse industries who share their insight, experience and wisdom to help each other achieve their personal and company vision. Board members are from a variety of industries and backgrounds, but have common goals and challenges. And the best thing is they are running on one management operating system.

  •  75 to 80 percent of all businesses challenges are similar, regardless of the industry. A board expands your thinking beyond your particular industry providing out-of-the-box thinking to spur new ways of doing business in a safe, confidential environment.
  • Board members often feel their board is the ONLY place they can discuss some of their business challenges.
  • No theories—just practical, real-world business advice. Members bring tried and tested solutions and hands-on experience.
  •  Board members are accountable to each other. The bond developed between business owners on a board helps all members achieve results.

One-on-One Strategic Leadership and Advice

In addition to your monthly board meeting, you will have a monthly one-on-one “outside looking in” session. Your needs will drive the agenda of these sessions. We may discuss how business is progressing by comparing actual versus projected results. We may talk about your toughest challenges that month. Or, we may work on defining your business vision. In these sessions, we’ll utilize the business tools we believe will have the greatest impact on your business.

Ready to make better decisions and have greater clarity when it comes to your business? Explore The Miracle Manager membership by attending an upcoming informational session.


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