Business Success Stories

We have a long track record of helping businesses across a wide range of challenges—and using a wide range of business tools. For The Miracle Manager team, it’s about getting to know you, your business and your challenges and then matching you to the right tools.


“I’m into my second decade with The Miracle Manager because I had a number of failures in the past and I didn’t want to repeat those failures. Even though I had some education in running a business, I knew I didn’t know it all and needed some means to keep my thoughts in check.”

Bruce Der
A.H. Lundberg Systems Ltd. – Richmond, B.C.


“It’s been the best money I’ve ever spent. We’ve molded with a group of people that I just connect with and it’s something I really look forward to each month. This business has turned around 180 degrees in just a year and a half.”

John deJonge
Artex Fabricators Ltd. – Langley, B.C.


“The structure, discipline and focus that I get from The Miracle Manager works its way through the organization and will show up in improved efficiencies, better marketing and improving the bottom line.”

John Buchan
Hub Engineering Inc. – Surrey, B.C.


“It’s amazing. I like the results that come out of The Miracle Manager.”

Mark McCooey
S.E.I. Industries – Delta, B.C.

“It’s always difficult to bare your soul and let the skeletons out of the closet, but in the end that’s the great benefit of The Miracle Manager in having that open and honest communication and straightforward feedback. You are dealing these people who are really interested in what’s going on with your business, and often you cannot pay consultants to take that kind of interest in what you are doing.”

Charles Wills
Zone Entertainment Inc. – Richmond, B.C.

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